Library of STAB is open to public every Friday from 15:00 till 20:00 and Saturday from 11:00 till 20:00. It contains unique to Central Asia collection of books. Resource center of STAB provides comfortable and quiet place for reading, public computer with e-books, audio and video materials, free internet. Also, a library assistant can help you find necessary book or conduct a set of books on a subject that you are interested in.


Library’s sections:

1. Architecture and Design
2. Atheism
3. Soviet Studies
4. Art before the 20th century.
5. History of Central Asia
6. Avant-Grade
7. Art of the 20th-21st centuries.
8. Art of Central Asia.
9. Critical Theory and Marxism.
10. Contemporary philosophy and Theory of culture.
11. Postcolonial theory.
12. Queer and Feminism

We would gladly accept as a gift any books related to these topics

Before visiting the library we suggest that you check the catalogue (DOWNLOAD in xls 0,99 mb (Russian)) and Library rules


Library rules

Library is open to all during office hours. Admission is free. At the entrance visitors are asked to sign in (Name, Activity, E-mail). Access includes use of the collection’s e-books, audio books and videos.

Every visitor must sign in upon entering the library. We also ask to register the books at the front desk before you start reading them. By following these actions you will help us to keep the track of the library attendance and the popularity rating of the books.

The books can be read only in the library. There are some books presented in a single copy and we want them to be available for every visitor of the library.

The Resource center of STAB is a public space and thus we ask every visitor to maintain careful use of the books, furniture, technical equipment and etc. Otherwise you will be obligated to return the full price of damaged object.

The violation of the library rules will be warned once, the second warning will be followed with denied access the Resource center.

Public program of the library

Library has a regular public program that contains “Что читать?” (What to read?), “Книга месяца” (The book of the month) and other categories and publications, which are typically written in Russian on the library’s blog.

Also, the Resource center of STAB provides space for a few initiatives that are open to everybody, for example “Reading Club” and voluntary project “New audiobooks”, where you can record your favorite book from the library of STAB, which eventually will be published on our website.