Future imaginaries in Kyrgyz science fiction of 1960-1980s


Informational message: "Future imaginaries in Kyrgyz science fiction of 1960-1980s"


April 28, 18:30, in Stab

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Working language: Russian


Kyrgyz science fiction is a genre that had a special ties with Soviet science. In the works of Sci-Fi writers our future is usually portrayed as a time of an absolute triumph of the scientific and technological revolution, robotization of everyday life, victory over the inevitability of aging, ecological stability. The scientific and technological breakthrough was supposed to provide necessary opportunities to master cosmic space and to connect with alien civilizations. In this public report Samat Mambetshaev (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) presented a common motifs and storylines in Kyrgyz science-fiction of 60-80s. 


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